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The real value of Brandwatch, according to our customers

Value of Brandwatch

A survey of our clients reveals honest feedback on our products, our services, and the value we provide as an insights provider.

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The real value of Brandwatch, according to our customersValue of Brandwatch

The aim of this study was to reveal whether our customers saw genuine value from purchasing Brandwatch.

The study surveyed a sample of our customers from several industries including: agencies, technology/softwarefinancial services, CPG/FMCG, retail, media, and the public sector.

In the survey, customers were asked about their experiences with Brandwatch, and how our products and services impacted three areas of their business, specifically:

  1. The applications and use cases for which Brandwatch is utilized,
  2. How and to what extent Brandwatch is used for internal processes and communication, and
  3. The lasting effect Brandwatch has had on their organization, from its value as an investment to its impact on revenues.

1. Business applications

With a suite of products and features as diverse as our clients, Brandwatch prides itself on working with our customers to find the right answers through social intelligence.

Our Customer Success team works tirelessly with our clients to develop a social intelligence program to fit users’ needs, but do our customers agree?

Has Brandwatch helped you meet your business objectives?

Of those business objectives, the survey surfaced four key use cases where Brandwatch is used:

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Consumer insights
  • Real-time alerts
  • Product feedback

Competitor Intelligence

With Brandwatch’s unique ability to capture both comprehensive consumer information for any product and breaking news about any topic, competitor intelligence is one of our hallmark use cases among our clients.

Do you feel more aware of your competitors?

“When choosing listening technology, the sea of sameness is ever present. What really differentiates Brandwatch is the level of service and collaboration from the experts at the organization.”
— James Sandora, Director-Digital Strategy & Integration, Kohler

From revealing which cola products customers like to drink with pizza, to which adjectives are most associated with Crest toothpaste, learn more about all the ways Brandwatch can be leveraged for competitor intelligence.

Customer Insights

Online and social media data provides researchers with access to unparalleled volumes of organic behaviors, opinions, and preferences.

With access to the world’s leading social analytics platform and the smartest consumer researchers and analysts in-house, it’s unsurprising to know that 67% of our customers have used Brandwatch to better understand their customers.

Do you have a better understanding of your customers?

Real-time alerts

The power and speed of our Signals are still unrivaled. Additionally, our new Vizia 2 platform makes it quicker and easier to communicate insights from infinite data sources to all the stakeholders that matter.

So it’s understandable that the majority of our customers indicated that by using Brandwatch products, they’ve been alerted to new trends, crises, news or other events affecting their companies.

Have you been alerted to something you weren’t aware of?

Product feedback

Social media listening is changing the face of product development with an unprecedented rate of adoption by companies of all sizes and industries.

From generating product ideas to understanding the usability of your products, 49% of our customers are arming their product teams with vital insights using Brandwatch.

Have you discovered product feedback?

2. Internal Communication

Regardless of how interesting insights are, they are only as valuable as the people willing to put them into action.

An important benchmark for a social intelligence platform should always be how frequently and easily insights are shared with the right people at the right time. Over 80% of our clients say that they’ve shared Brandwatch insights with others within their organization.

84% of customers said Brandwatch has helped them share insights with other members of their organization?
Vizia 2 leverages the power of visual content to deliver insight to our business from all sides of the house.
— Alison Herzog, Director-Global Social Business Strategy, Dell

3. Lasting effect

Our clients use Brandwatch for a multitude of use cases across their enterprise, from streamlining communication of data and company news to recruitment and HR purposes.

With these use cases, it’s extremely difficult to quantify ROI. Your job is easier, faster, better, but can you measure if it made the company money?

So, we were extremely surprised to learn over half of our customers said Brandwatch has had a positive impact on their revenues.

The lasting effects of Brandwatch do not end with our customers’ bottom lines. Our customers gave their opinions of Brandwatch as they affected their

Brandwatch as an investment

When asked whether they considered Brandwatch a worthwhile investment, 96% of customers said yes. Phew!

Brandwatch as a recommendation

96% of customers said they would recommend Brandwatch to their peers.

Brandwatch, compared to other social intelligence providers

Some of our customers have experienced other social intelligence or social listening platforms in their careers. Of those that have used another social intelligence platform, 95% of customers loved Brandwatch more.

Key Findings

  • Brandwatch is a solutions provider/ 87% of customers said Brandwatch has a positive impact on their business objectives.
  • Brandwatch products help your bottom line/ 60% of customers said Brandwatch has had a positive impact on their revenue.
  • Brandwatch is the leading provider of social intelligence/ 95% of customers said Brandwatch was better than their last social intelligence platform.
We'd like to thank the many customers who took the time to participate in this research. With your help, we'll continue our work in being the world's leading social intelligence platform.

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