[Latest Research] Cost of Living and Changing Consumer Behavior

How has consumer behavior changed in 2022, and what does this mean for brands?

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Content Marketers

Improved workflows for compelling content

Plan and deliver data-driven campaigns.
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Why Brandwatch?

Discover what resonates

Get inspired by brands and topics relevant to your audiences. Brandwatch helps you ideate.

Create and distribute content seamlessly

Brandwatch brings your team members together to deliver your content across multiple networks.

Content performance made easy

Understand what works and what doesn’t. Prove the value created by your content, to your team and beyond.

Evaluate your performance

Measure your performance on organic and paid social with advanced customizable dashboards.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

Lack of communication with other teams who are executing content results in hiccups and missed deadlines

Finding out what content will work relies on guesswork

Misplaced content assets

All the content published on your social channels needs to be double checked

Sharing performance with the rest of your organization means additional work

With Brandwatch

You deliver successfully on your content strategy

You have insights on what works and what doesn’t from reports and dashboards on previous performance

Efficient, centralized content library for all teams

Content planning is streamlined. All your social posts are on brand as they have gone through a custom approval flow

Dashboards and reports can be easily shared, even outside the Brandwatch platform

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