Report | Verbrauchertrends in der CPG-Branche

Wie hat sich das Verbraucherverhalten in der Verbrauchsgüterbranche geändert? Welche Trends können wir erwarten? Wir liefern Insights in unserem neuen Report

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Our Commitments

Diversity & Inclusion
at Brandwatch

Brandwatch is no exception to companies which need to improve on diversity and inclusion. Here’s where we are and what we’re doing about it.

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USA Offices

Our US offices are less diverse across identities such as race and socioeconomic background than the cities in which they operate.

This is why we are working with diversity recruitment partners, like People of Color in Tech, to increase representation across our US offices.

NYC Demographics (Office)

NYC Demographics (Area)

Boston Demographics (Office)

Boston Demographics (Area)

U.K Offices

Our UK offices are also less diverse across identities like race and socioeconomic background than the cities in which they operate.

For this reason we are working with diversity recruitment partners, like YSYS and Coding Black Females, to increase representation in the UK, too.

London Demographics (Office)

London Demographics (Area)

Brighton Demographics (Office)

Brighton Demographics (Area)


We are committed to publishing Gender Pay Gap data each year as the majority of our workforce want initiatives to close it.

We’ve also identified that more employees of Black and Hispanic identity feel like the lack of diversity hinders their career progress in comparison to white employees.

Gender Split: Non-leadership

Gender Split: Leadership (Management and above)

Demographics: Non-leadership

Demographics: Leadership (Management and above) ist jetzt Teil von Brandwatch.
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